Lightweight E-Commerce CMS

The Cakewalk App - Personal Project

Graphic Designer and Web Developer Joshua Uzzell, developed The Cakewalk App, as a lightweight alternative to using Wordpress or Joolma for managing online stores. His philosophy during development was, focus only on the features necessary for doing business online.

To that effect, The Cakewalk App exclusively features functions for displaying products, taking payments, tracking sells, and communicating with customers. By concentrating on these core features storeowners can readily perform tasks related to running their business without distraction.

The Cakewalk App is a rough framework divided into a customer-facing storefront, and a back office for managing products and tracking sells. Uzzell has gone as far as equipping the app with an automated HTML email system that notifies customers of purchases made by their account, order cancellations, and order completions. Furthermore all orders, records, and accounts are stored in a secure SQL Database.

Role: Web Developer, Web Designer
Tech: Zurb Foundation, MySQL, PHP, XHTML, JQuery, MAMP