Body Mind Spirit MFR Massage Therapy

Emily Jacobs

Emily Jacobs is a massage therapist that specializes in Myofascial Release. It is a form of massage therapy that works by targeting tension in the connective tissues surrounding the muscle rather than the muscle itself. This indirect approach to healing chronic pain stood out to Graphic Designer Joshua Uzzell, and was decidedly important in visualizing the brand.

Combined with the fact that patients turn to Myofascial Release when medicine and traditional therapy do not work, Uzzell perceived that the treatment was associated with hope. Jacobs likened this hope to that of bumblebees which overcome their physical limitations in order to fly.

This pseudoscientific fact resonated with Uzzell, giving him a clear visual for the logo. The resulting illustration of a bumblebee doubled as a symbol for hope and an educational affect for introducing patients to Myofascial Release.

Categories: Branding
Roles: Creative Direction, Graphic Designer