Baltimore City Law Department

In 2014, the Baltimore City Law Department seized an opportunity to showcase the lesser known appeal of Baltimore City at the 2014 IMLA Conference. To help them tell their story, Graphic Designer Joshua Uzzell photographed 14 neighborhoods throughout the city and used the images to design a series of brochures for guided bus tours.

Of the series, there was a set of three brochures that covered the different tour routes through the city. Uzzell was challenged to create one layout that would compliment each experience without being entirely different.

To answer the challenge, Uzzell devised a color scheme that complimented the burgundy featured in the IMLA Conference logo. Each color corresponded with only one brochure and was applied to its cover and illustrations. This allowed each brochure to be very similar yet distinguishable to viewers.

Categories: Print
Roles: Creative Direction, Graphic Designer, Photographer